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📅 Date: April 8, 2024
🕒 Time: 7:00 PM MST
📍 Location: Online 
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Yvonne Kasko, a visionary leader driven by a deep passion for healing in others, embodies transformation. Stripped of her ability to walk and burdened by chronic nerve damage, she found herself mentally exhausted, yearning for respite. Her profound journey of self-discovery culminated in the creation of Recalibrated Minds—an endeavor dedicated to empowering individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and unlock their true potential. Determined to find solace, she began a holistic healing quest guided by her intuitive compass. Little did she know that this personal odyssey would unveil a profound calling: a pathway through which she could alleviate the pain and suffering of others.

In a remarkable twist of fate, Yvonne discovered her innate gift of healing, upon her by a higher source. During a moment of divine revelation, the resounding words, "I want everyone to know how my spirit works," echoed through her soul, cementing her purpose. The unimaginable journey she had led her to this very moment.

Now, fueled by an unwavering determination, Yvonne begins on a sacred mission to heal others. Since 2009, she has earned the prestigious Three times-certified Meditation Teacher, a testament to her commitment to honing her craft. Moreover, she is an adept lightworker, providing transformative sessions, retreats, and enlightening workshops.

 Guided by Yvonne's expertise and profound connection to energy and consciousness which are the two elements she practices everyday for sixteen years, the pursuit of healing takes on a new dimension—one that holds the power to change lives in profound and unimaginable ways.

Overall, meditation's hidden abilities extend far beyond its reputation for relaxation and stress relief.

 🎯By exploring its various practices and techniques, individuals can unlock a wealth of benefits for their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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Gain Inner Peace

Our meditation workshop are specifically designed to help you gain inner peace and clarity. By providing a unique healing environment, we’ll help you find balance and stability in mind, body and soul, so that you can start living the life you want.

Experience Mindful Practices

Our workshop include conscious practices such as yoga, breathing exercises and meditation techniques which will help you to relax and free yourself from stress and anxiety. For a stronger vitality. With our experienced teacher, you will learn how to access your inner power and create positive changes in your life.

A Path To Holistic Healing

We provide all-inclusive, personalized workshop that include yoga, meditation, and other healing activities to help you uncover the power of your subconscious and build a deeper connection with yourself, and heal your body.

Meditation is a term that is used very broadly in our culture. For some, it's simply thinking or contemplating, and for others, it is trying not to think; for most, it could be gardening, running, or a hobby that you engage in that relaxes or centers you. 

So if you use them in that context, they are all valued terms. But in the Eastern hemisphere, meditation has a much more specific meaning that applies to a precise process of quieting the mind; in the yoga sutras of Patanjali. Meditation means the absence of mental modification or thought.

And it is believed that when the mind becomes still, inner clarity develops, and the clearer your mind is, the more precise you are to who you are and why you were born. And that is the object of meditation in this workshop.   

The meditation training you will learn involves several different aspects. 

First, you are learning a natural biofeedback response technique that lowers your brainwave frequencies. 

Then, as you continue to meditate through time and practice, you notice your brain wave frequencies drop, connecting you to your intuition, Psychic abilities, how to channel and source, becoming aware, and consciously finding your sacred creativity and power. The way to your true potential. 
Do you think meditation has become popular? Meditation has many health benefits that everyone is talking about. Research studies prove meditation helps increase one's mental and physical health. It will enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills and rapidly reduces stress for better concentration. Meditation enables you to respond, rather than react to situations and a rapid increase in quality of life. Meditation has become critical to society; it can give you a sense of inner peace and justice that can bring enjoyment to your emotional-wellbeing. Meditation has the potential to be a catalyst and driving force behind the revolution in many areas of life. 

  Meditation Workshop!

Yes, I want to find a Deeper RELATIONSHIP with my self and others.
I am READY to allow BREAKTHROUGHS to mental and emotional blocks that no longer support my true CORE BELIEFS.

I am READY to pave the way to REWRITING my Past, Present, and Future Life Story for the Better...

Through Guided Meditation Practice, Personal Self-work, and Discussion. RETHINK the things you thought to be true.
REEVALUATE the significates of certain experiences in your life, and RECALIBRATE Living as YOUR BEST LIFE!


"Yvonne Kasko helped me find ways to still my mind under stressful situations. I've used her meditation sessions under multiple circumstances where I've needed to find ways to clear my mind. My goal was to design strategies around multiple obstacles that came up in life. As a meditation trainer, Yvonne helped me figure out the next steps in advancing meditation so that I could reach a state of being that I had never been to before. The exercises Yvonne suggested helped me to reach incredible experiences, and helped me to condense all of the obstacles I was facing so that I could plan my next steps accordingly. I greatly appreciate her help, and I look forward to our next meditation session."

"I’ve been blessed to know Yvonne I’ve had the opportunity to have her help coach me and enlighten my mind into a more open and aware way of thinking and being. She has really inspired me and provided me with insight to a better, healthier state of mind. Her knowledge is extremely empowering and has made me realize that the power to accomplish whatever I set my mind to is within me and with the right guidance, I can achieve anything! Knowing Yvonne has truly been an awakening experience and I’m so grateful for all the time she has spent with me, listening and providing her expertise to help expand my mind and ultimately bettering myself as a whole!

"Yvonne has taught me how to become more aware in all aspects of life. With her down to earth approach, I was able to have an open mind and with that, the teachings have impacted my life."

"Words fail me in my attempt to thank you for the wonderful enlightenment that I received from my visit with you!
My way is clearer in my search for a deeper understanding and the tools I received empower me in my quest for a greater connection with the Spirit.
My experience was profound and for this I am forever great full."
 - LOY

Details: Do you have any questions about this Meditation Workshop?

What is the DATE and LOCATION of the meditation Workshop?
🗓️April 8, 2024  7:00 PM MST

Sedona Arizona. Details 
✔️Please reach out. For More Information
▪️Email Us at Info@recalibratedminds.com
▪️Contact:928-433-4111 for more information."

What do they have to bring to the venue?
▪️ Meditation Workshop
✔️Have a pillow for additional support if needed for aid.
✔️Prioritize eating healthy food for rejuvenation and overall well-being.
✔️Keep only water nearby for hydration.
✔️Have your mind, body, and soul for a day of rejuvenation, bliss, and self-mastery of meditation techniques.

Are there any daily routine instructions we must follow in order to maximize the benefits of this workshop?

"Please ensure you are well-rested and nourished.
▪️You will receive an email containing vital information that we will discuss during our meditation workshop.

▪️Assessments provide a wealth of information about the path to self-discovery.

▪️Each individual processes information in their own unique way. Learn how to live life 'as the observer.' By activating your presence, you will become aware of your power, strength, and self-worth, allowing you to live life passionately.

▪️With support, you will achieve results on multiple levels, ensuring significant progress. Eventually, you will incorporate crucial clues and benefits as a whole.

We start by focusing on your current situation."
Why should you meditate?
"Before meditation, I was a runner, living an everyday life filled with horrible anxiety. However, as I started meditating daily, my mind and body underwent a transformative shift in every aspect, immersing me in my senses. I discovered my intuition taking a prominent role in guiding me towards what was appropriate for my well-being. Surprisingly, I also realized newfound assertiveness in my intellectual communication skills, which I had never known I possessed. I became aware of the ways life had been mentally manipulating my mind, and meditation helped me see through the deception.

Meditation keeps me in touch with my inner power, allowing me to generate abundant energy that sustains me throughout the day. It has become an enjoyable practice that fuels me until the very end of each day." After 16 years I can finally run again, a complete dream come true.
How to avoids sleeping while meditating
"Getting enough rest each day is essential for successful meditation. Even as an advanced meditation teacher, I remember falling asleep after 3 hours of sitting meditation and needing a little rest. So, I'd close my eyes for about 15-30 minutes and resume my day refreshed.

Rest, nutrition, and exercise are all necessary for us to function purposefully. We want to become aware through meditation so that we can be fully established in the present with alertness and concentration. Your efforts are crucial daily."
What to do when you meditate?
"Finding time alone in the early morning to sit and slowly close your eyes, giving yourself permission to meditate, is the simplest way to learn.

Focusing on your breath allows you to become more centered by breathing through your nose from the bottom of your lungs and out through your lips, which assists the mind in coming into focus. Personally, I like to direct my attention to my breath or even my heartbeat.

Simply breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your lips is sufficient. After your meditation, I recommend keeping a journal to write about your experience and explore what comes up for you to learn about yourself."
Do I have to change my eating habits while meditating?
"You can eat whatever you want, but I do recommend that you prioritize healthy food. I'm not a dietician, so do what works best for you. Personally, I avoid pasta, soda, bread, and sugar as part of my dietary choices."
What you get?
✓ Total of 1 1/2  hour of amped meditations each day + Q&A
▪️You will learn: 
✓ Shaktipat -Is Powerful Life Force Energy, and how to work with energy

✓ Third Eye Meditation & Initiation and Activation

✓ Kundalini Meditation 

✓ Four Point Activation (The Cave Of Brahma) 

✓ You will receive an Assessment for critical thinking

✓ You will learn to overcome issues, challenges, traps and triggers.

Yvonne is wonderful! I have benefited in my business life and personal life from her services. I would recommend her to anyone trying to move ahead of the pack, or even just to get out of a slump. She takes her time and is patient. I love our sessions!
-Nancy Walsh

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